Crocodiles have been on Earth for roughly 200 million years.  They are cold-blooded reptiles that spend much of their time submerged in water.  There are 23 different species, with the largest being the saltwater crocodile of Northern Australia.  “Salties,” as they are known as, can reach lengths of over 20 feet and can weigh over 2000 pounds.  Fossil remains of ancient crocodiles have recently revealed a so-called “Super-Croc” measuring well over 35 feet long. (Britton, 2002)

   Crocodiles have been relatively successful since the disappearance of the dinosaurs, with the exception of their interaction with human beings.  Many species of crocodile are presently endangered because of human negligence and poaching.

“Fossil remains  have recently revealed a  ‘super-croc’ measuring over 35 feet long.”

History of Crocodiles


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